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I have been rating movies since 2006. Since then I have watched 3,780 movies which totals 6,863 hours. Discover more movie stats and the movies I love.

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I have been writing blog posts since 2004. I have written 353 posts which contain over 154,900 words!

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Since I started using Strava in 2010, I have been recording my activities and completed 2,173 activities. Discover more activity stats or read about how I love cycling.

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I took up cycling in 2006, riding mountain bikes and road bikes alike. But I didn’t start recording them using Strava until 2010. I have cycled 11,050 miles taking 1,168 hours.

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I initially recorded walking activities with Strava, but in 2020 I started using an Apple Watch. So far I have walked 3,222 miles taking 996 hours.

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I’ve used to track the music I listen to since 2005, amassing a massive 439,426 songs or about 67 per day. Discover more music stats or find out about music I love.

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Since phone cameras have been come increasingly impressive I take quite a lot of photos. There are 806 photos on this website…

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Links are the life blood of the Web and make everything connected. I have made 1,545 outward links to interesting websites.

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