Exploring Abandoned Buildings

I walked down to an abandoned industrial unit on the edge of Cannock Chase. It is full of graffiti and broken glass. I wandered around the spooky shell, with the broken roof providing the only light. It felt like a scene from a horror movie and I made sure I turned off my headphones in case something crept up on me.

I decided to fly my drone inside, which turned out to be a bad idea. After flying around in ‘tripod’ mode (slow mode) successfully for a minute or so, it lost its GPS signal and decided to speed off into the wall. After clattering to a halt, I inspected the drone and noticed missing light covers on three of the legs. Luckily I was able to find two of the covers, but alas not the third.

An outside wide shot of an abandoned industrial unit, with graffiti

I went outside to test the drone still worked and it seemed fine, although I might replace the blades. The DJI Spark is a sturdy little drone.

A high drone shot of the white roof of an abandoned industrial unit, surrounded by green trees.

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