Big D and the Kids Table

What a gig! Four awesome ska bands were crammed in a tiny venue and shared with one hundred other people. There was dancing, mosh-pits and crowd surfing.

Representing the British contingent, “Call Me Malcolm” kicked the proceedings off with a set that immediately warmed the place and got people moving. Kill Lincoln was up next and turned that intensity up to eleven; the highlight was the trombonist playing on the bar and being carried back to the stage.

Catbite – the female-fronted band from Philadelphia – toned the madness down a little, with their reggae-infused sound. Gone were the brass sections, replaced with a keyboard and a slower beat. The headliners finished the show off with an hour-long set with their signature fast-paced punk-driven ska sound. The lead singer literally walked on the ceiling…

This was definitely one of the best gigs I've been to in a long while.

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