Music album Plea for Peace, Vol. 2

A compilation album

Play count: 281

Plea for Peace, Vol. 2
Track Artist Count
Alkaline Trio 44
100 Times Fuckeder
Shoulda Oughta
Tim Barry 19
The Falcon 16
All I Hear Is Static
The Lillingtons 16
Patent Pending
Heavens 15
Tainted Wheat
Rx Bandits 14
Mr. Misery
The Aggrolites 11
The Patty Hearst Syndrome
Smoke or Fire 10
The Gold Song
The Bouncing Souls 9
Salt Lake City
Dwarves 9
Mailer, Meet Jim
Western Addiction 8
Alright Then
Youth Brigade 7
Try Out Your Voice
Big D And The Kids Table 6
By The Throat
Dead to Me 6
Steal Your Words
Sundowner 5
No More Tears
Less Than Zero
The Methadones 4
For Broken Ears
Chuck Ragan 2
Bad Sects
Cursive 2
See You Again
The Debonaires 1
Daly City Train
Filthy Thieving Bastards 1
Love In Slow Motion
Bleeding Through 1
We've All Seen Better Days
The Peacocks 1
Uncle Sam
Akiakane 1
No, Dead People
the sandtrappers 1
Bomb Sniffing Dogs
Toys That Kill 1
Me & Joe Drove Out to California
Drag the River 1
Confessions of a Dangerous Mouth
The A.K.A.s 1
Roger Staubach Plays the Lead
Mike Park 1
Never Felt Prettier
Planes Mistaken for Stars 1
Death to Order
A Papier Mache Monster 1
Teachers Get Tired
Shinobu 1
Devil In The Shade
The Draft 1
Daydreaming of Rescue
Desa 1
Leigh and Stokes
The Singularity 1
Plastico Americano
Love Equals Death 1
No More Presidents
The Briefs 1
Ring of Fire = 4 Points
The Sainte Catherines 1
Dead Already - Live
Cave In 1
Fight the Blue Horizon
No Torso 1
With Friends Like These
Darkest Hour 1
Leatherface Fan
Mike Hale 1
Their System Doesn't Work for You
Anti-Flag 1
Are You Alright?
Sam I Am 1
Chinese Lightning
Whale|Horse 1
Faint and Fading Out
Fifth Hour Hero 1
Throwdown 1
Houston We Have a Problem
The Queers 1
Way Too Many Times
Dan Andriano 1
Pansy Division 1