Funny Games

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Two psychotic young men take a family hostage in their cabin.

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Funny Games


Funny Games U.S. is the English-language remake of the 1997 Austrian movie of the same name. Curiously though, this remake is a shot-by-shot remake, and unlike many American remakes, it is by the same director; Michael Haneke.

The movie is a real non-glorified terror story — not something you can easily detach yourself and your thoughts from. Within the first thirty-minutes the movie has unsettled you, and from that point on, it chokes and gags you, refusing to let go until the credits roll. The movie is rated 18, this isn't because of the gore — most of this happens off-screen — it is because of the themes, direction and actuality of the story which is scarily based on reality.

Funny Games is an unconventional movie. Michael Haneke is renowned for breaking the "fourth wall" and this technique is used multiple times throughout the movie. His direction is also distinctive, featuring long static shots, little or no score and understated lighting. This blatant disregard for orthodox movie making will distance a lot of people from liking this movie.

There has already been a lot written about this movie, mainly about the original. Overall, the movie has a definite negative commentary about modern society, something which the characters discuss during the conclusion of the story.

Having seen the original movie, I knew exactly what to expect in this unconventional thriller. Therefore, I found it didn't quite have the shock impact compared to my first viewing, however, the movie was still very distressing and disturbing. I would recommend watching this new version if you prefer not to read subtitles.