Lars and the Real Girl

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A delusional young guy strikes up an unconventional relationship with a doll he finds on the Internet.

The search for true love begins outside the box

Lars and the Real Girl


Lars and the Real Girl is not a movie everyone will enjoy, although, "enjoy" is a strange way to describe this movie — "appreciate" is a better way.

The movie could be described as quriky black-comedy, but without the comedy — so more like a quriky drama. There are some funny moments, but the majority of the movie has a sombre mood, a slow pace and poignant messages.

There are moments of belly shaking humor and quiet tears as Ryan Gosling brilliantly evolves from a reclusive soul with the help of a silicone woman and a kind hearted community.

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Ryan Gosling was absolutely brilliant as the shy, tormented protagonist and the support cast was also superb. The movie has a very evident overall message, but there were a lot of subtle moments throughout which add to the magic of this movie.

If you like British humour or quriky movies like those directed by Wes Anderson then you might be the type of person who would appreciate this movie. The trailer is misrepresentative, with out of context scenes which seem humourous. The movie is certainly not "laugh out loud", and a little slow in places, but afterwards I felt touched and humbled.

Overall, I would recommend this movie.