Be Kind Rewind

I have watched this movie twice. The first time was and the last time on .


Two bumbling store clerks inadvertently erase the footage from all of the tapes in their video rental store. In order to keep the business running, they re-shoot every film in the store with their own camera, with a budget of zero dollars.

You name it, we shoot it

Be Kind Rewind


Be Kind Rewind is the new movie by Michel Gondry in a story which follows two friends who 'faithfully' recreate famous movies when one of them unintentionally destroys every tape in a video store because he's magnetized. Their movies are only ten minutes long and visualised with a non-existant budget, but have a certain love-affair by the people who watch them.

Michel Gondry has unique and interesting ways of creating films and although the Be Kind Rewind attempts this, it misses the mark by a long shot. The consequence is this means a very poor film by any standard – let alone the mantle I have placed Gondry upon.

I really wanted to enjoy Be Kind Rewind. I couldn't. Gondry also directed the brilliant Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind starring Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet and I cannot recommend this movie enough.

If you're looking for a masterpiece by Gondry look no further than Eternal Sunshine, however if you're looking for a 'movie with heart' (as Be Kind Rewind's remake ethos is) and you don't mind foreign films, check out the dreamworld of cardboard and cellophane in the French speaking Science of Sleep.

I am sad to say I can not recommend this movie.