Strange World

I have watched this movie once. This was on .


The legendary Clades are a family of explorers whose differences threaten to topple their latest and most crucial mission.

Journey to a place where nothing is as it appears!

Strange World


The preface has a beautiful animated style, features a heart-raising expedition with real peril and introduces the main character's future confliction and motivation. Once the main story starts, it presents a wonderful world and contemporary characters.

After they descend into the “Strange World” the movie comes alive. The characters and sets are wonderful. The land is alien with an odd-pink hue and the animals are exotic but strangely familiar. This world nods to the movie's conclusion and makes more sense when it's revealed – it's a lovely analogy.

There is an overtly unsubtle climate change metaphor running through the movie, but this isn't a bad thing and the conflicts of personal expectations come full circle by the end. Overall this is a lovely adventure movie which has real stakes throughout, great action sequences and intimate moments.