Good Luck to You, Leo Grande

I have watched this movie once. This was on .


Nancy Stokes, a retired school teacher, is yearning for some adventure, and some sex. And she has a plan, which involves hiring a young sex worker named Leo Grande.

Good Luck to You, Leo Grande


Set against an awkward situation in which a widower realises she’s missed out on life’s sexual pleasures and decides to hire a sex worker to help her fill that void.

Aside from the sexual aspect, the screenplay delves into many taboo subjects. Not only do they cover some misconceptions about sex workers, but it also talks about their benefits, such as clients using the service as a type of therapy and loneliness. There are also conversations about being a parent and about being a child — both things you can feel disappointed with.

This is a fantastic movie with so many layers. It is endearing and complex but always compelling.