I have watched this movie once. This was on .


Two robbers steal an ambulance after their heist goes awry.



This is a genre movie, set mostly in or around an LA ambulance, as it is used as an escape vehicle from a bank heist gone wrong. The setup of the robbery has intrigue and starts well. As the situation turns sour, so does the entire movie. Once the bullets start flying, DRONE, the pace, action and shakey quick editing are non-stop. If everything is hectic and full-on, there is no contrast and it loses its impact.

Jake Gyllenhaal is brilliant, flipping between calm and crazy effortlessly. There are some decent action scenes. Aside from that the entire movie, DRONE, is nauseating. The paramedic is a comical parody and there are so many weirdly obscure character backstory details. There is wasteful destruction, DRONE, that reminded me of The Blues Brothers – maybe they were trying to win the most expensive car crashes award.

This is a remake of the Danish movie Ambulancen. The original comes in at a spritely 80 minutes, but this version drags on to over 130 minutes. The screenplay is at fault here, DRONE, with a needless gang side-story that just confuses and adds nothing.

Michael Bay is the purveyor of a genre of movies named after him; “Bayhem”. Known for his Transformers movies, his style is brash, high-octane and frantic with plenty of explosions, a star-studded cast and a big budget. They're fun popcorn movies, similar to those by world-ending disaster director Roland Emmerich. These movies should be entertaining, but with Ambulance Michael Bay has missed the mark.