Letters to Juliet

I have watched this movie once. This was on .


Sophie dreams of becoming a writer and travels to Verona, Italy where she meets the "Secretaries of Juliet".

What if you had a second chance to find true love?

Letters to Juliet


Gael García Bernal’s character, the fiancé, is an annoying caricature, enthusiastic but stupidly ignorant and distant. I’m a fan of the actor, but this role is terrible.

And the other guy is an arrogant posh idiot and also a caricature. The whole enemy to lover trope is just horrible in this story. Obvious but horrible.

Vanessa Redgrave steals the show, as a frail, yet sweet and caring, energised yet blinded by her love for someone she knew fifty years ago.

Unfortunately, there are so much better movies of this type out there. It is easy to watch and very formulaic. The two strong female characters are the best aspects of this story.

The ending, although completely obvious and trite, is good enough. If you can get past the bad characters, you might tear up slightly.