I have watched this movie once. This was on .


A group of friends stumble upon a mirror that serves as a portal to a "multiverse", but soon discover that importing knowledge from the other side in order to better their lives brings increasingly dangerous consequences.

You can't go back



An interesting concept of parallel worlds, that starts off strong, gains traction, then unravels towards the end.

This is a low-budget story-focused sci-fi movie, which tackles the paradigm of parallel worlds inventively. There is a difference in time between the worlds and the characters use it wisely. First they investigate differences between the world, then use it to achieve success in their world.

Things go a little haywire when they swap a protagonist from the other world and both the story and movie fall apart. The sci-fi edge is replaced by some cheesy basic thriller, including a gory full-on body slice!

It’s worth a watch if you like sci-fi movies and can look past the poor last third.