Roman J. Israel, Esq.

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Roman J. Israel, Esq., a driven, idealistic defense attorney, finds himself in a tumultuous series of events that lead to a crisis and the necessity for extreme action.

All rise.

Roman J. Israel, Esq.


Thrust in to a public role after years of working behind the scenes when his business partner is taken ill, the quiet and socially-awkward lawyer has his whole world-view turned upside-down.

There are a lot of high concept topics taken on in this movie, such as social injustice and the corruption by money. How an idealistic mentality can be flipped by a corrupt system and the addition of money.

Denzel Washington is absolutely phenomenal in the role. He carries the shy and some-what downtrodden lawyer, transforming his whole body and style. There is a bit of a stark role-reversal half-way through and a rather unbelievable ending, but overall a solid movie.