The Vast of Night

I have watched this movie once. This was on .


One night in New Mexico, in the late 1950s, a switchboard operator and radio DJ discover a strange audio frequency which could change the future forever.

The Vast of Night


A mysterious movie, that can barely be characterised as science-fiction - more character study focusing on small town school kids as they investigate strange audio signals and listen to strangers’ stories.

Set in 1950s America, the aesthetic is outstanding. Set mostly at night, it is stylishly lit with muted tones that suit the era perfectly.

The dialogue drives the story as they investigate the strange sounds. As they listen to stories, the screen fades to black - an interesting but effective directorial choice - that helps you focus on what is being discussed.

There are a couple of good long shots, both static and dynamic. The cross-town scene, connecting the two main characters, is especially impressive; moving effortlessly from eerie low camerawork to pushing through a crowd and dancing between a basketball game.

A slow-burning, atmospheric and moody movie which oozes craftsmanship.