Happy Old Year

I have watched this movie once. This was on .


A woman wants to reorganize her house and convert it into a home office. She will throw away anything that has been lying around unused. However, she faces a great challenge when she comes across some items that belonged to her ex-boyfriend.

A love story for those who want to move on but find it hard to let go.

Happy Old Year


A melancholy minimalist movie about memories and moving on.

This is an intimate portrait of family, full of painful memories. Trying to let go of the past by letting go of the cluttered they have gathered. There are small moments of joy in an otherwise depressing look on life.

There is minimal use of camera movement and beautiful framing composition. The sound design is impressive, even though there is not much music, especially prominent in the emotional moments. Technically it’s really very good.

It often feels like a watered down Michael Haneke movie and I mean that in a positive way.