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A group of people trapped in an elevator realize that the devil is among them.

Bad Things Happen For A Reason



Devil is a thriller focusing around five people who are stuck in a elevator and one-by-one they start to die in mysterious ways. Half the movie is about the characters in the elevator, the other half is about a detective who is investigating the situation with the help of a security team and the elevator engineer.

The movie opens with aerial fly-over shots starting close to the ocean then proceeding towards and over a city-scape. Such techniques are common in many movies and are used as establishing shots, except in Devil, these shots were upside down. These opening shots are disorientating, unnerving and intimidating - a perfect way to setup this type of movie.

The story open with a detective investigating a suicide, and five characters - some acting in peculiar manner - as they make their way inside a skyscraper elevator. The best action is found out side of the elevator, where the suspense is built up well, as the security guards, detective and engineer try to solve the murderous case which is happening before their eyes. There are some very tense moments as the engineer tries to fix the lift - although making him travel from the roof to the basement numerous times became tiring.

Within the elevator, the characters seem to cope surprising well with their situation, especially after they start dying one by one. To try and elevate the suspense, every time a death is about to occur, the elevator lights flicker and the security cameras – and our view – goes black. I think this trick actually cheapens the movie and detracts from the story, as you only glimpse the aftermath and not the terrifying act itself.

The story is by M. Night Shyamalan, but the screenplay and direction were by collaboration with aspiring filmmakers. This movie is the first in the The Night Chronicles, written by Shyamalan, a series of movies which involve the supernatural within modern urban society. The series sees Shyamalan produce one a movie a year for three years.

I have to say the overall story was the strongest element within the movie, the screenplay lacked focus, the direction was disappointing in numerous places and while the acting as OK nothing stood out. If these elements were improved it would have helped make this movie more successful, but in the end, it was a distinctly average thriller.