Cycling ventures


People’s passions for riding bikes often translate into a community and products to help fellow riders. Here are some ventures which I’ve helped or found fun.

Guided Rides

I’ve been riding Cannock Chase for many years and now know it very well. Once you start to explore, you come across hidden trail entrances everywhere. For most rides I don’t even ride any of the official trails, preferring to stick to the fire roads and trails closer to home. These are often empty and offer a challenge different from the red-graded trails that Cannock has to offer.

Taking this knowledge, a friend and I set up organising group rides helping pass the knowledge on to other riders.

Guided Rides photo, two mountain bikers riding through trees.

Trail Maps

I record my rides using a GPS device and upload them to Strava. Although the digital maps are nice, physical representations of rides have interested me. A good friend has built a business around designing art prints for mountain bikers and road cyclists. You can find your favourite trails, meticulously recreated into beautiful art prints.

Follow the Dog and Monkey Trail print.

Standout Bikes

The awesome custom bike illustrations throughout this website are hand-drawn by Standout Bikes.