A February Website Update

February has been a bumper month for content on my little slice of the Web. Here are some numbers…

  • I watched 23 movies with a runtime of 39 hours.
  • I reviewed 7 movies, writing over 1,205 words.
  • I published 12 blog posts, containing over 8,654 words.
  • I posted 11 new photos.
  • I completed 31 activities and walked over 95 miles.
  • I linked to 27 online resources and quoted 41 interesting articles.
  • I listened to 3,974 tracks!

Behind the Scenes

Under the hood of the website, I upgraded use PHP 8.1 and did some refactoring. I've added a statistics page which has some nice graphs and big numbers. There is a new loves movies section which I intended to expand on. The photos section now includes a basic search. I made the numerous RSS feeds more visible with links appearing in the navigation for each section. The RSS feeds are also now transformed with a bit of style using XSL. I replicated my Last.fm music obsessions and imported the legacy data. I styled broken links.

I imported all my Instagram photos – over 600 posts – completing my collection, with photos going back over 13 years. I tagged all the people, pets, places and things in the photos, which fills out my life section; I may tag a few more general locations in the future.

I tweaked my about section to include some call-to-action to non-main-navigation but interesting pages. The about section also gained its own useful navigation. My now page shows my latest blog post, movie review and the music I am listening to. I threw together a colophon but it still needs work.

I updated my avatar which uses CSS filters and infers the current site colour. (And it was a pain to update this across the Web).

I wrote a Laravel package to create a webfinger profile. There is a blog post I need to write about it.