This is my third article recommending iPhone games. Out of the previous two entries, there are only a couple of games I play regularly. Since my second entry over six months ago, the main game that I keep going back to when I’ve got ten minutes is always Monster Dash, whether it’s trying to beat my highest score or to unlock one of the achievements (mainly 2k without killing anyone) the pick-up-and-play-ness and frantically simple game-play of this auto-run game means it’s still my favourite iPhone game.

New games are coming out daily for the iOS platform but it is always difficult to find the smooth among the rough. I often buy games through recommendations on Twitter, but very rarely there is general consensus which is hard to avoid. Angry Birds fits in to that second category and so does the first game recommendation in this post.

Tiny Wings is a game infused with cuteness. Like all good iPhone games, Tiny Wings is incredibly easy to pick up and play, but also frustratingly difficult to put down. The game has a perfect learning / skill curve, it draws you in with is simplicity and doesn’t let you leave until you’ve played one more game.

Gravity Guy is a fast paced side-scrolling auto-running game. I am a fan of these games as they’re very easy to learn, quick to pick up and play, but hard to master and even more difficult not to have “one more go”. Also see Canabalt — the game that is often quoted as (re-)starting the craze — and my favourite Monster Dash. You can play Gravity Guy online and there is a free version of the game if you want to try it out, but beware, you’ll soon get sucked in!

Fragger is a game that has many similarities with the incredibly popular Angry Birds franchise. This time instead of throwing birds to knock down structures, you throw grenades which can be used to blow up strategic areas of the game and kill the enemies. Like other Miniclip games, you can play Fragger online.

Collision Effect is a game from the highly successful publisher Chillingo, who also published the first Angry Bird game as well as Cut the Rope and Minigore. The style and vibe of this game reminds me a lot of Orbital, a game I recommended in my first review of iPhone games. There are two modes to the game, action and puzzle. In the fast paced action mode you must guide colored orbs into each other as they appear on your screen, all while avoiding orbs of a different color. The puzzle mode takes the same idea and sets a static arrange of the orbs in which you must successfully destroy.

Death Rally is a slightly 3D top-down racing shoot ‘em up game. The style reminds me a lot of the original Grand Theft Auto as well as the classic Micro Machines franchise. There seems to be two tactics in races; race to win or hang back to try to destroy the other vehicles. Each race earns you points which you can use to upgrade your cars and weapons. There are also power-ups which can be collected on track to unlock stronger and faster cars and new items like shotguns and gatling guns.

Shift! 2 is a mind-bending puzzle game in which you simple need to reach a door to exit the level. It is not as simple as it sounds as to do so you must flip and invert the black & white world to successfully unlock keys, escape deep holes and avoid spikes. The first few levels are a great tutorial to the game and it soon gets your brain thinking in multiple dimensions! As with a lot of games on this list, you can also play the Flash version of the game online.

Trainyard is a puzzle solving game where you mix-and-match colour trains as you try and successfully get all of them to their stations, all while avoiding collisions — unless it is necessary to make new colours! There is also a free version of the game available, which features a completely different set of puzzles than the paid version.

Super Stickman Golf isn’t the most beautiful iPhone game you can play, but as Marco describes it is an “essentially simple 2D golf on Worms-style terrain”. If you’re a fan of the Worms series or games which involve angles then you should look below the graphics and have a go. My major drawback with the game is although you can pick up and play any unlocked level, to progress through the game you must play a series of holes, which can take a fair amount of time.

Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP is an experimental game. I heard a lot of good things about it, but at the time there was an iPad-only version. Since then an iPhone version has been released and I have had a chance to play. This is not your normal iPhone game. It is a game which you must invest time to play, the pace is sedated and the scenery and music is relaxing. I haven’t progressed far yet as you need plenty of time to get immersed. Worth a download to experience the relaxing aspect alone.

Astronut is a charming game in which you must bounce a lonely astronaut from planet to planet across a universe which is full of exploding planets and aliens who are trying to stop you. The free game gives you a taster of the game-play but you must buy to unlock more levels, which is where the fun begins.

What have you been playing?