2010 in Movies: The Best of…

My initial thoughts about movies in 2010 was similar to Patrick Griffiths’ in that it wasn’t exactly a good year. However, after checking through the movies I watched in 2010, I realised that although it hasn’t been a classic year, it was far from bad, with a few standout movies - both original and sequels - that will be remembered, watched and talked about for the years to come.

The standout movies of 2010 came from the summer blockbuster season – a time when special effects not storylines usually draw the audiences – notably Christopher Nolan’s Inception and Pixar’s Toy Story 3. But, overall the movies I have watched at the cinema have been average at best, both of which I rated ten-out-of-ten. In my summary of the best in 2009 I didn’t give a single movie the highest score – I re-watched The Hurt Locker and have increased the rating. By the measure of highest score, 2010 seems to be a better year than 2009, however, there were a lot less 9/10 and 8/10s this year.

Although some of the movies below where ‘released’ in 2009, they didn’t make it over to the UK until 2010. These are the movies which I thought were the best of 2010, rated 8 or above.

The 10s and 9s;

  • Inception (10)
  • Toy Story 3 (10)
  • Shutter Island
  • The Social Network
  • The Town
  • Up in the Air

The 8s:

  • An Education
  • Buried
  • Cemetery Junction
  • Crazy Heart
  • Four Lions
  • Invictus
  • Kick-Ass
  • Scott Pilgrim vs. the World
  • The Blind Side
  • The Cove
  • The Ghost Writer

Some of these movies were released in 2009, and garnered success during the awards season, especially in the Oscars. Crazy Heart and The Blind Side took home the top acting awards at the Oscas, Best Actor for Jeff Bridges and Best Actress for Sandra Bullock respectively. Carey Mulligan, who starred in An Education, won a lot of Best Actress awards, including a BAFTA, but, although she was nominated, she missed out in the Oscars. The Cove won the Oscar for Best Documentary.

Best of the Rest

These movies are my ‘best of the rest’ which were released in 2010. They are selection of movies, some of which you may have already watched (and hopefully enjoyed) and others which I thought were interesting and may have been under your radar. is Noel Clarke’s second movie as director, following on from his success of Adulthood, the acclaimed sequel to British movie Kidulthood. The movie centers around four girls and is set over three days and two cities. It is a cool British thriller, which interweaves four separate stories – each following one of the girls – as their three days diverge, crisscross and finally converge in the movies dramatic conclusion.

Going the Distance is a romantic comedy indie movie starring Drew Barrymore and Justin Long. It is a down-to-earth movie about a relationships, careers and sacrifices in today’s modern world. As it’s genre insinuates, there are some funny moments as well as the ups and downs of the central relationship, but it’s not your typical “romcom”, this movie has genuine heart.

The American is not an action movie starring George Clooney, although you would think otherwise due to the misplaced marketing campaign. However, it is a slow-paced (very slow, in fact) thriller starring George Clooney and directed by Anton Corbijn. You must go in to this movie with patience, and if you do, you will be rewarded by the complex characters and intriguing storyline.

This is the first entry in a series documenting my review of movies in 2010.