Since my initial article on iPhone games I have been downloading and playing more and more games which I keep recommending to friends. So here are a few new games which you might find fun to play.

Plants vs Zombie is a cross platform game that a lot of my friends recommended. I was initially skeptical about the strategic style game play, but after a few levels I was completely hooked. The learning curve is perfect for a causal gamer like myself. The levels become increasingly more frantic yet as you learn about the best strategies and earn better plants is becomes rewarding to continually stop the zombie hordes from reaching your house.

The Incident is a retro-style action game in which you must avoid the falling items and then climb them to reach stars, power-ups and prizes. It is a very simple game and thus it doesn’t have as much longevity as some games, but it’s fun while it lasts.

Monster Dash is probably my favourite iPhone game at the moment. Really fast and frantic, similar to Canabalt, it is a side-scrolling platform game where you jump between roofs and shoot enemies. The increasing speed as you progress is the only difficulty factor involved, but it is more than enough. Unlike Canabalt, this game has multiple levels which you are transported to every kilometer as well as different weapons and power-ups. It is quick to pick up and play, and keeps you coming back to beat your distance as well as kills. The game also has a lot of achievements to unlock but isn’t integrated with Game Center yet and has just been updated to include integration with Game Center, a new level and a new weapon.

Cut the Rope is a puzzle game and in many respects it is similar to the hugely successful Angry Birds. Again, the idea is incredibly simple, you have to cut the ropes on the screen to feed the candy to the cute monster. There are other game play objects which are slowly added to the levels, such as air-blowers and floating bubbles as well as obstacles to avoid, such as spikes and spiders.

Osmos is a slow-paced game, centered around a physics engine. Your goal is simple, to become the biggest sphere. You grow by absorbing smaller objects, but to propel yourself you must eject matter behind you, causing you to shrink. This fundamental balance in addition to the ambient music, beautiful graphics and solar-system style worlds make this a relaxing zen-like game unlike any other of on the platform.

Miner Disturbance is a puzzle game where you’ve got to mine yourself in to a maze and collect iron, silver, artifacts and more. Each level has a number of tasks, such as collecting quantities or iron or silver, scoring a points total, completion time limits and reaching certain depths. It is well made and looks good, but the control system can be frustrating at times.

Minigore is a game I’ve had installed for quite a long time, but only play very rarely. It’s a frantic game of survival as you gun down enemies in this arcade shooter. The dual stick touch controls work surprising well and you get accustomed to them quickly - you need to in this action-packed game!

Jet Car Stunts is not the typical driving game I would play. The graphics aren’t as impressive as other car-based games (such as Real Racing) but Jet Car Stunts is more like a puzzle game on wheels - even though you’re not using the wheels very often! The game description sums up how absurd it is; “over the top, adrenaline rush, 3D driving game, with massive jumps, mid-air hoops, floating platforms, spiral roadways and outlandish maneuvers in impossible environments.” Although I am a fan of driving games, I am yet to find one for iOS that I absolutely must have, this game still doesn’t fit this criteria, but it is still fun!

Epic Citadel isn’t so much a game, more of a technological preview, bringing the Unreal Engine 3 to iOS devices. The detail is amazing, as it showcases realistic lighting and shadows as well as real-time reflections and detailed image mapping. It truly is an impressive demo and shows that the iOS platform is to become a serious gaming platform in the near future.

Game Center was released with the iOS 4.1 update back in September. Some games have been updated to make use of the functionality, the majority of games I have are still missing the integration. Game Center is lacking in many aspects and as with the recently released “Ping” functionality in iTunes, it appears Apple needs to spend more time understanding what makes social networks work. Although it is not a massive hit with hardcore gamers, and lacks direct competition with friends, Game Center has spurred me on to play some of the games I had forgotten about as I compete against friends scores and achievement lists.

What have you been playing?