The Multipack Presents

"Emerging Standards" is the first of a series of Mulitpack talks under the newly launched "Presents" series. Join us on Saturday 21st February, at the One Black Bear offices, to hear Bruce Lawson, Stuart Langridge and Matt Machell discuss HTML 5, ARIA and other emerging web standards.

The event starts off at The Old Crown pub at 2pm where you can socialise with members of the Multipack and the event speakers. Attendees will then move on to the One Black Bear offices where the talks will begin at 4pm.

Our very own Multipack regular, Matt Machell, will be presenting a talk on W3C's Accessible Rich Internet Applications Suite or as it is commonly know ARIA; a way of adding extra semantics so your page elements become application elements without confusing screenreaders…

Bruce Lawson, who kindly spoke at both Geek in the Park events is going to be talking about his recent adventures and experiements with HTML5.

Stuart Langridge, well-known for his open source and Linux show "LugRadio" will be talking about JavaScript, more specifically "JavaScript as She is Today", about how new progress in the language whichis available but which you can't use on the open web easily yet because, well… you can guess why!

There will be Multipack badges & stickers and business cards galore. Campaign Monitor, as part of the "Giving Back" initiative, are kindly providing some munches for everyone.

Put your name down on the Upcoming events page and come along and enjoy a free evening out at the first ever "Multipack Presents" talk.