81st Academy Awards Nominations

Unlike my Oscar review in 2007, and last year I have seen every movie up for the coveted Best Picture. The movies up for Best Picture in the 81st Academy Awards are;

Like Robert Nyman, I think that Slumdog Millionaire will win this years top movie prize – and deservedly so. Also, like Robert, I thought that Frost/Nixon was the weakest movie in this category, and the spot should have been given to either The Wrestler, a more conventional movie by one of my favourite directors Darren Aronofsky or Doubt, a well-shot and exceptionally acted thought provoking drama which garnered different interpretations, questions and answers – a trait I love in movies.

Although I disagree his thoughts on Frost/Nixon, Paul's review of this years Oscars is a good one. As well as picking his movie for Best Picture, he discusses all four of the acting categories. His thoughts of the Best Actor category mirror mine almost exactly, this is what he said;

I think they’ll give it to Mickey Rourke for his performance in ‘The Wrestler’ … Sean Penn’s performance as Harvey Milk was truly outstanding and has to be the pick of the five.