Pulse RSS

Pulse RSS is a new web service which provides you with statistics for your website. OK, there are enough statistic services out there nowadays, with Google Analytics providing a full-blown solution, and Mint giving you some pleasant data - but most of the time this is overwhelming for a client.

However, Pulse RSS is different, providing you with a very simple solution - giving you vital statistics. After you have registered, you're given a code which you place at the bottom of your site. Now you can login a check your sites statistics. Visits, incoming links and search keywords are displayed for each domain you've added.

Pulse RSS is different in one way - it is a web service. You can easily subscribe to individual RSS feeds of each of the vitals (visits, incoming links and search keywords), but this service also provides XML. Using the XML data, you can easily plug the statistics in to your own personal interface/website.

Why not give it a whirl, 'coz best of all... it's free!