New Google Map Features

Google have improved their mapping interface with better zooming capabilities.

Continuous zoom. For users of Firefox and Internet Explorer on Windows, we provide a smooth, continuous zoom animation when you zoom in one level.

This means using the scroll-wheel I can smoothly move in and out of the map. A feature which has been present on Microsoft's mapping system, 'Virtual Earth' (now Windows Live Local), for quite a long while (and is also on Yahoo! Maps The feature also brings the online version closer to the interface of Google Earth (Google's desktop mapping program), which can only be a good thing.

On another small interface change (that I've noticed) is the fact you can change between the search sections (search the map, find businesses, get directions) quickly via a little bit of JavaScript. This is a feature I'd like to see on Google's main search page, which means it'll act like Yahoo! search. This one little feature of better interface design would help increase the usability of this simple search tool.

Now, all I want is high-resolution photography of my house, town and it's castle... please.