Multipack Meeting

Tomorrow sees the first Multipack meeting since the release of the new website. We've had some great interest in the group, with member numbers soaring above 40 in just over two weeks.

So, if you're interested in any aspect of web development, whether you're new or experienced come down to the Lloyds No. 1 bar in Birmingham at 3pm tomorrow. The topic of the meeting is "Is Web 2.0 just a buzzword or is it a landmark in the Web timeline which will make a huge impact on the Web of the Future?" but the conversation will probably cover a huge range of broad topics mainly about technology, web-related or otherwise.

For me personally, I'd be grateful of any feedback on the website itself. So make sure you write down your gripes as well as (any) things you like. I'm anctiously looking forward to this discussion.

The Multipack is going very well, but we are yet to be brought by Google or Yahoo! But if you're looking to employ hot web talent in the Midlands area, you'll find it in this group, so come along too!