The Multipack

Earlier this week, The Multipack website launched. The site is the face of a community of Web developers and designers from around the Midlands, UK who get together on a regular basic for a few drinks and a chat about what we've been up to. It's also a good time to talk to someone about your thoughts of all things Web with people who actually understand what you're going on about.

If you're interested in joining us, our next social will be on Broad Street in Birmingham at Lloyds No 1 bar on Saturday 4th March. We will be blessed with the company of Simon Collison (aka Collylogic) from Nottingham and we are also in the process of securing a few other "big names" from the UK leg of the Interweb. This isn't a seminar on semantics or a presentation on a new product - it is simply a get-together for like-minded people.

So if you fancy joining us for a beer or three, "tag along" on the 4th. It's an open invite but if you want to become an active member of the Multipack, you just need to register a few details. You could just suscribe to our newsletter if you want to keep abreast (hehe!) of Multipack news.