So, 2006

Another year. Here's a quick post to say what gadget related objects I'm looking forward to seeing released and really thinking about buying this year.

The Optimus Keyboard

Optimus Keyboar close-up

This ultra slick keyboard has OLED technology allowing for the keys to be changed depending on another key pressed or simply opening up a program. Pressing shift, all the alphabetical keys will become uppercase, but more useful, all the numeric keys become their respective symbol. High configurable for games and programs, and even has extra set of keys which you can set to anything. When using Photoshop, the keys change to the shortcuts in the program, and when playing a game, only the keys needed are highlighted.

Playstation 3

3 PS3 consoles, white, silver and black

The next generation console; the Playstation 3. 'nough said.

Mac Mini

Mac Mini

If I win the lottery I'll be grabbing myself one of the new Mac Minis that Apple should be announcing next week. The intel-based mini computer will be the ideal stylish media centre for the lounge. Coupled with a few accessories, such as dual DVB-T tuners, allowing playback and recording of two digital channels (much like Tivo and the SkyPlus box). Maybe a little optimistic for this year, unless any of you guys/girls feel generous.