Solar Powered Curtains

You what? Solar-powered curtains... are you people insane?

Their Energy Curtain is a window shade woven with solar-collecting and light-emitting materials that store sunlight during the day and emit it at night.

This is more Irish (no offence) than the (actually practical if you think about it) solar-powered torch, which can be charged while hiking during the day (in the middle of a hot country, not in the UK) and used, as a torch, in a random cave you might want to explore and in the evening.

Is it just me or don't people open their curtains during the day, and close them during the night? If so, then please tell me when these curtains are they going to get some sun-loving to charge? If you close them during the day you'll have to turn on the light. The powered needed to keep the light on is probably more than you'll get out of the curtains, so where's the saving in that? And what about the lovely UV and vitamins you get?

Just plain stupid if you ask me.