November CSS Reboot

Today is November the 1st, which means it is Reboot time for the CSS community. This is supposed to be another means in which designers and developers can spread the good word of CSS and nice visual designs living in harmony. The idea is simple; you post your site to the CSS Reboot list, and when the reboot date comes, you release your new design.

(OK, here is my "Reverse-Reboot", back to my previous design... how do you like those mints?)

However, most people will only concentrate on the visual impact of these designs, and unfortunately, most of these designs aren't anything special or innovative. There are a few, though, which are quite nice that stood out from a quick browse through some of the entries.

Another problem with all the 900+ entrants is moderation and copyright infringement... Two sites stood out when browsing through a few pages of screenshots.

ACDesigns vs Joshuaink.

Comparing ACDesigns and Joshuaink desgins

Imaznation has a similar colour scheme very similar to Bartelme but isn't as comparable as the example above.

Hmmm? Well, it seems John Oxton is OK with the similarities mentioned above.

Another fear I have with all these redesigns (there was another reboot back on the 1st of May) is end-users experience and it's effect of usability. If you go to a site frequently over a period of time, you know your way around it, it starts to feel right. You know what to look for and where to look for it. It's familiar. That familiarity gives a sense of security when browsing large websites. If you're constantly radically changing designs I fear that this could impact on users experience. Some people might like the fresh new feel, however, I think most will be simply confused.

A List Apart has a good article titled Good Designers Redesign, Great Designers Realign, which shows how designers can tweak designs to give them a new lease of life, without a complete overhaul. The animation of Dan Cederholm's SimpleBits showing how it's changed over the years reiterates this point very well.

I suggest that you check out one of the many CSS Design galleries out there if you want to see beautiful standards-based designs with good visuals. Most of the designs on these sites are the pick of the crop, so to speak.

Am I just biter (definitely twisted) that I didn't enter my site into the CSS Reboot for a little bit of self-promotion (which is all it boils down to, in the end)? Probably! But...

I have actually been working on a few personal projects, includng a new design and a slighly new direction for this site. When will all this appear (I hear you shout...), maybe around the time I announce "Trovster Reboot"... So, in the meantime, please be careful while stumbling around this mess, it'll be tidied up, eventually! Then, there is another project I have in development (read concept and domain but no chance to do anything more!) and any work that might spring up from Multipack.