Grinding My Gears

You know what really grinds my gears?...

Blink One.Eight.Two. - I've heard this too many times now to just simply sit back and ignore it. I first heard the phrase Blink One.Eight.Two. during a brief listen to the BBC's Radio One. It crept back into my head today when I heard it on a TV commercial advertising their new "Greatest Hits" album. I have seen this band and even have a t-shirt (been there, got the t-shirt kinda thing!). The name of the band is Blink One Eighty-Two. That is one eighty two and not one-eight-two. I wish these so-called professionals would do some basic research and get the names of people/products/bands correct.

WWW Only - Recently I've been becoming lazy when I've been typing in URLs to websites I know exist. This laziness has found me not bothing to type in the unnecessary www. part of the URL. However, some clever, large, corporate sites just fail to display anything on www-less domains. The www. isn't needed, ideally the site would just continue to function as normal, with internal links pointing to the www-less domain. A second option is to redirect the domain to the www. version. A bad option is to return "this site could not be found". A simple fix - fire your web development team.

And the final issue (at present), which "grinds my gears" is...

Experts getting the basics wrong - I saw the following on Slashdot today:

AJAX brings together some hot properties, JavaScript, HTML/DHTML and HTML, according to Julie Hanna Farris

However, Slashdot aren't at fault here, they were simply quoting "Julie Hanna Farris", founder of Scalix (an email system). Hopefully most people can spot what is wrong here, but if not let me show you.

First of all, it's obvious that she has mentioned HTML twice. Maybe she meant XML, but we can't assume she meant anything. Secondly, DHTML is simply an (old) buzzword for the combination of JavaScript and HTML to achieve "Dynamic" effects on webpages (hence the D, see you learn stuff here!). So, the second "property" which AJAX brings together is "JavaScript, HTML and HTML". However, she's already mentioned JavaScript first, and she mentions HTML last. So, inconclusion, according to this expert, AJAX combines JavaScript, JavaScript, HTML, HTML and HTML. Now you know.