Someones Birthday, Different Day

Anyone notice that today Google changed their (not very well design) logo? They're celebrating their 7th birthday...

Google's 6th Birthday Logo

Now, looking back at my archives I noticed on the 7th of September 2004 I announced Google's birthday. Is Google like the British Queen, celebrating an official and a real birthday on different days? Or maybe, Google has reevaluated the Earths rotation around the Sun, and Earth no longer has a perfectly circular orbit, therefore its birthday alternates between a 20 day period... Last year I wrote:

Browsing through google's holiday logos I noticed that last year google celebrated their birthday on the 7th of September (today), but in 2002 they celebrated it on September 27th. A possible typo, though there are no other references to their birthday on the page. All of the google's logos can be found at

Looks like in alternating years Google celebrates its birthday on the 7th and 27th of September. So, in theory, next year Google's birthday will be on the 7th September...And the '8' will be the 'g'? Or will Google not be around in a years time... I shall wait and see!

(One website cited a possible official standing; the whole of September is Google's birthday.) However, I prefer my conspiracy theory. Also then, why doesn't Google keep the birthday logo on starting on 7th and ending on the 27th of September??

In other Google news, they have now removed their index counter which was found at the bottom of the search page. Last time I looked I remember it was around 8.5 billion pages. Well, after a little banter with Yahoo!, they've now taken it off. However, today they announced they're three times larger than their biggest competitor... let the search-engine wars continue! (but no need to fight on your birthday, if in fact it is your birthday!)