Here's An August Post

Well, the whole of August has gone, without anything being posted on here. Why? Lazyness; probably, boredom; maybe, busy; definitely.

This is not to say that my presence on the inter-m-web has been dormant. Far from it. Explore has been growing, at there are nearly 300 links on there now. This has kind of replaced my "dailies" section of this site (which, incidentily, was the inspiration behind Explore itself!). I have also been busy entering into a little competition over at A more detailed post about my entries coming soon.

In the physical (boring) world. I've finally moved nearer my job, so instead of a one-hour drive every morning (and evening) it now takes me literally 13 minutes to get to and from my new home in Stafford. It's greating having Sky+ meaning rewinding/pausing live TV - the novelty has yet to wear off! But at the moment I am without the internet (not for long).

Unfortunately, with all this movement and lack of internet "free-time", I have been unable to research much in the way of interesting news to post on here. Other than I've had a quick play with Google Talk. I have yet to use it for it's main purpose, a Voice Over IP (VoIP) client, and I only have a few contacts who are using it (mainly people I've told about it, in fact!), so my judgement of the program and it's potential scope is extremely limited. It's fairly simple, looks and behaves OK. Now, it needs promoting like Gmail, and a frenzy to get more people to use it.

Coming soon; information about my Zooibaai contest entries and my WordPress website (which has also been neglegeted).