Half Life 2 Fun

I've finally got round to playing the game of the year, Half Life 2. I'm definitely enjoying it so far. I never actually got round to finishing the first game. However, I probably will after completing Half Life 2, as I can play it using the Source engine.

So far Half Life 2 is simply amazing. The graphics are beautiful, the physics is amazing and the artificial intelligence is not too bad. However, it's not perfect. Some of the vehicle missions go on a little too long and I wasn't too impressed with the sudden change of pace at the beginning.

The physics. Ah, the physics. Some of the puzzles have been simply but make use of the physics engine. Such as balancing heavy objects one side of a see-saw to weight it down to allow you to progress. Another similar action was to use barrels to add buoyancy to a ramp. Fairly cool if you ask me.

In the future, I believe, instead of actually playing the actual games we're presented with, we'll just play around with the physics and making weird stuff. This is what I made when I got stuck for a while...

Empty Crates
Empty Crates (Half Life 2)
A bunch of empty crates lying on the floor in Half Life 2. Wonder what these could be used for...
Stacked Empty Crates!
Stacked Empty Crates (Half Life 2)
Stack them, of course!

It's happening already!