Hapland 2 Walkthrough

Almost two months since the first game was released, Hapland 2, the best random stickman puzzle adventure sequel, has arrived. Tips; click everying you can to see what happens. Sometimes timing is required! The first game required around 25 clicks for completion, this one is almost double that, and it's achievable in 48 clicks.

So, you've got stuck, frustrated and swore a lot at your computer screen. OK, OK. Here's the walkthrough. Hopefully it's all correct!

The starting screen of the hapland puzzle.

Click the post with the red dot so turns to a green arrow. Open the trapdoor (which is next to the post) then click the yellow arrow to move the stickman. He falls through the trapdoor and is in between two crates. Click the post to turn the green arrow back to a red dot.

The next part requires some timing (there is a lot of it in this game!) Click the crate with the yellow sticker on. A bomb rolls out which is picked up by the stickman. Count one second and when the stickman has an explaination mark above his head, click the yellow arrow. This blows the bomb to right and blows off the door of the house. (The arrow next to the house is destroyed. It can be saved if you've got some good timing and reflexes, but this isn't required.) Click the pink slab three times. Then click the stickman. He'll walk into the house on the right.

Click the underground switch. Press the blue, right arrow which rotates a wheel under the stairs. Clicking the stairs moves them to the right. Press the doorbell and the stickman will climb up to a lever.

Click the switch next to the castle at the top left of the screen. Click the light so it focuses on three canonballs. A little bit of timing is now required. Click the bird which'll pick up a cannonball. As it is approaching the first cloud click the cloud. This'll make the bird drop the cannonball onto the aerials, causing them to shortcircuit and explode. BOOM. Click on the first cloud for a second time. Repeat the bird/cannonball routine for the second cloud. This places the cannonball into a catapult contraption.

More timing required on the next part... Click the first cloud, this will cause it to explode. As soon as possible click the stickman next to the catapult. This fires the cannonball through the burning cloud, causing it to set alight. This firery cannonball burns the flag, bounces around a little and explodes the mine which is indoors.

Now, turn your attention to the stickmen on the left. Click the top stickman who will walk (and fall) down the stairs. Some more timing is required here... Ready? Open the trapdoor on the top left, press the fan (purple thing in the middle column) when the moth is inline with it. This'll cause the moth to fly through the fan. As it's distracting the stickman by the lever click the stickman who has just fallen down the stairs. He'll now walk safely under the crate.

Click the stickman on the far left. He falls down to the bottom level and stands by a lever. Switch the arrow below so it's pointing to the right, and click the stickman. This'll cause a wave machine effect on the water. Click the middle stickman to open the trapdoor. The next part requires some more timing... ready? OK, click the top stickman so the crate drops. A fish will fall out. When the fish is level with the bottom step click the underwater wooden spike.

Turn off the wave generator by clicking on the stickman in the bottom left. Click the stickman holding the fishing rod. He will winde in his catch, eat it and spring up to the top of the castle. Click him again to make in enter the top door. This lights up the first torch. Click the switch underneath the lit torch to complete this part of the circuit.

Back to the right hand side. Click post so the green arrow is displayed, and then click the yellow arrow which is underneath. This will send the stickman back into the house. Open the window. The stickman slames the window which'll cause the blob to fall down to the ground. Turn the wave machine back on, so the waves are travelling to the right. Click the blob. It will consume the first crate and jump over the second. It will slide down the hill and explode on the underwater mine.

Final stage now. Click the little left blue arrow (underground) then click the stairs making them move next to the remaining crate. This requires some timing. Ring the doorbell. The stickman will come out. When the stickman reaches the top of the stairs click the crate it's next to. The stickman jumps into a jeep and drives out the other side. When the jeep is near the bottom of the pond click wooden spike, allowing it to pass. The stickman will climb out, up the stairs and into the door. This lights the second torch.

Click the switch underneath the second lit torch and the portal is open. 10/10! Well done, you've successfully read what I typed...

Completion screen of Hapland 2

That concludes this 48 move walkthrough of Hapland 2. This is a great sequel, which out-does the first stickman puzzle adventure. I hope as many people find this walkthrough useful as the first one!

Wonderful game. Keep it up!