Gran Turismo 4 Combat/Race Photos

In the previous two posts about the photo mode in Gran Turismo I complained that you were unable to take photos while in racing with other cars, I called it the lack of "combat/race" situation. Well it looks like I was wrong about the lacking of feature. However, finding this feature of photo mode is not very easy nor obvious.

First you compete in a race of your choosing. Once you exit the race itself and skip the automatic replay, you're presented with a few options. One of these options is to save the replay, this is what needs to be done firstly. Exit back to the Gran Turismo world and go over to the "Replay Theatre". Select the replay you want to view and then continue to use the general "photo-mode" controls, using the select button to capture the photo opportunity.

Six Cars

All 6 six BMW 1 series cars in shot

All six BMW 1 series in one shot. Most of the cars turning the last corner at the Infineon race circuit whereas I'm near the start/finish line in the distance.

A Little Brute Force

Jumping over and clashing with opponent car around a corner

My BMW 1 series (silver) riding up the inside of the apex and rumble-strip, clashing with an oppontent, to overtake at the Infineon race circut.

Classic 'S' Bend

classic s-bend corner with four BMW 1 series cars

4 BWM 1 series cars race around the undulating first section of corners at the Infineon race circuit.

Three In A Row

A BMW race car in the middle of two opponent cars

My BMW M3 Race car in between two oppontents cars at the Laguna Seca circuit. The image is angled and uses subdued colours which make the photo seem extremely realistic.


An overtaking car hidden behind a car in the foreground

The back end of my BMW M3 Race car on the far-side as it overtakes an opponent on the main straight at Laguna Seca circuit.


Two cars grabbing air on a rally stage.

My Suburu Impreza is heading towards the ground as the opponent car has just taken off. That's a total of eight wheels in the air in one shot! This is from a battle on a rally stage.

I am extremely impressed with the quality of these photos, although editing was required to brighten them up a little. Getting to generate these photos wasn't easy to begin with as the feature seems a little hidden away in the game, requiring a few choice options to get there. Overall the photo-mode, after not looking too interesting, is extremely fun and rewarding… now please please please add a slow-motion and rewind button so we can easily capture exactly what we want more easily!