HTML Gmail

It looks like there is now a "lite" version of Gmail for browsers without Javascript. By clicking on the bold, red "New features!" link on the top right of Google's controversial webmail application brings you to information on... the new features (clever 'eh). You should notice Not just any old computer. Actually, yes, any old computer!. The Gmail help answers state that this means the services are compatable with almost any browser.

Now, I'm not too bothered about this for PC use as I can use a nice Javascript savvy browser. However, the reason I am interested in this "new feature" is that I should be able to use it to access my Gmail account via my mobile device.

My mobile phone, the Nokia 6600, has built in POP3 email which I use perfectly with another webmail provider. But, although Google announced they were adding POP3 support to their service, special configuration of incoming ports was required to make it function. These options are not configurable with the default email client on the phone.

My alternative was to use the built in web browser to access the actual Gmail website. My Nokia phone has the latest Opera Browser with small screen rending technology, however, previous to this "new feature" addition the service was inaccessible.

There are services out there which allow you to log into a cut down version of Gmail. One of the main services is called "Gmail Wireless". They state to

provide you free access to your gmail account using a wireless WAP and Pocket PC browsers.

I was unsure whether or not to trust or use these types of services. Until now I have delayed accessing Gmail "on the move" until an official, or personally recommended alternative was provided. Now it's time to test it out. I shall report back after some thorough testing...