Happy Birthday To Me

Today marks a whole one year of posts on trovster.com. So I'm calling this trovster.com's "official birthday". You know, like the Queen has, an official one for the public to celebrate and her real one for when she was born. I've taken a leaf (metaphorically of course) from Google, and I have vamped up my logo a little. Birthday celebrations all around!

This isn't, however, the first birthday of the domain trovster.com (however, it is for trovster.co.uk but that's another story). This is the fourth year of trovster.com itself, but that has involved numerous different incarnations.

This first birthday signifies a year of entries on the website. These have actually seen three different designs and systems behind them but they're still there.

Now, on to some stats. There are a total of 167 entries in the "weblog". That's one every other day nearly. There are 147 dailies since they began in February, making them appear about three times a day (certainly keeps me busy)! And there are thirty comments in total. OK, that's not amazing but it's not been in place that long.

The most popular entry on the entire site is the hapland walkthrough which helps frustrated people solve the flash point-and-click game; Hapland. The most popular image on the site is the one of Happy Tree Friends. Don't ask me why!?