Yahoo! Firefox Extension

Screenshot of the Yahoo! Toolbar Installed on Firefox

Yahoo! have announced a beta release of a toolbar extension for Firefox. This is similar to the one which has been available for Microsoft's Internet Explorer for a long while now.

Maybe this doesn't mean anything but I think it signifies something at least. An extension by a large, well-know, respected internet company, which has a large following, for an open-source browser that is clearly making a large impact on the web world. Hopefully, when an official release is marked, they'll advertise it a little more making more people aware of both technologies.

It's nice to have the choice, and even nicer to see larger companies taking an interest in such things. Hopefully this may mark an influx of well developed extensions in the future. However, I think I'll stick with my unofficial Google toolbar extension which mimicks the offical Internet Explorer version and much, much more.

[via]: Blake Ross' Firefox Blog.