The Postman Forgot Me...Again!

Valentine's Day: Find the perfect gift for your sweetheart

Another year and another slip by the postman it seems. My mail always seems to get mislaid on the 14th of February for some unknown bizarre reason. I'm just sorry I'll never actually be able to read all the lovely Valentine's Day cards you send out, it's not my fault. Honest.

Actually, Valentine's Day is just another commerical celebration conspired by card, chocolate and cheap gift manufactures from around the globe. If you want to show someone you care it shouldn't be limited to one day a year, and it most definately shouldn't be controlled by the media to tell you what to get and when to give it. Flowers, chocolates, cheap presents and tacky cards.

And to prove this, the only message I got, was on my mobile, from Vodafone!

Well, here's a nice article that tells you how to make Valentine's Day a "tolerable, and even perhaps enjoyable, day for those of who refuse to be enslaved by commercialism". Here's a note from the start..

This will undoubtedly mean very little to those of you in this world who do not recognize this "holiday" which is the one of the unfortunate side effects of an unabashed capitalistic society.

Norman Papernick

I'm not bitter. Honestly.