Suprise Google Rankings

After checking my log stats a little more carefully last night I stumbled on a few nice google queries that return a page on my website on the first page. These queries aren't extremely restricted, such as to include "Trovster" or "Trevor Morris" nor are they quoted. So the results are what people might actually search for -- and proved by the referrer links in my logs. Here are some of the things I'm talking about...

I first came across the search string "firefox extension yahoo" on; ranking my site 4th (disregarding same domain results). I thought that was pretty cool, but checking out the UK version I found out I hit the jackpot with the 1st result! Check it for yourself -- search result for 'firefox extension yahoo'.

Google Search 'Firefox Extension Yahoo' returns Archives |

Other common-ish search terms that rank pages on my site on the first page (in the top 5 infact) of the UK version of Google are "griffin itrip mini"; which leaves me at number three. And "steal these buttons" which places my site a nice 2nd place.

Now, they're pretty good results in my opinion, but they're from searching within the UK. That's no good. I rarely do that myself, though others maybe different. On they appear on a few clicks away which isn't too useful either in all honesty because I rarely go past the first let alone the second results page.

However, I have found two searches which return an article on my site at the very top of the mighty Gasp. They're not terribly popular searches it has to be said, but still, they're not overly specialised and obscure. The best, and probably the most useful is the "ipod volume unlocker" search. The other, which is little more obscure, is about Sony's QRIO (Quest for Curiousity) pi-pedal robot and more importantly how/where to buy one -- this relates to an article I wrote about me wanting to buy one of the little creatures. places my site top for "qrio buy" out of 7,390 English pages, not bad I don't think.

So, who cares? You probably don't, but it's nice for me to know! But I noticed a trend about some of these results. Let me finish with that. In all the results talked about all of the search terms appear in the URL of the page. The title of the page is iterated a numerous times within the page itself. First in the breadcrumb trail at the top, followed by a level three heading and finally within the comments area (if no comments have been made). Not to mention throughout the page article itself. Now I think this reiteration of the keywords combined with semantic markup (the heading in particular) has helped boosted these results.