Firefox Extensions

I've always been interested in making a Firefox extension and I even have a few ideas I'd like to see made, whether by me or someone else. Well, today I have come across a nice little site that discusses firefox extension development. The site,, is fairly new, only started in December 2004, but has quite a few small extensions that I'll definitely be trying out along with two tutorials at present.

Two extension that I've just installed are the "Google Images Re-Linker" which jumps straight to the full sized image from "Alt-Text for Links" which displays the URL of the desination as a tooltip, but is overwritten is there is an exisiting title attribute on the link.

Other extensions I have installed on my Firefox are:

Adblock v0.5
You can filter ads, frames or images from any website you like.
Web Developer v0.9.3
A must-have extension if you develop websites. A multitude of features with links direct to validation of HTML & CSS from the W3C, disabling images, javascript and stylesheets and editing CSS easily.
Googlebar v0.9.0.30
Just like the official Google toolbar for IE but with a lot of direct searches at a touch of the button. Useful for searching into background tabs.
IEView v0.84
Adds an "open page in IE" to the context menu. Another useful extension for quickly checking site compatibility between pages.
CuteMenus v0.4
Adds the little icons to the context menu. Purely decorational, but I'm shallow!
Ook 0.3.2
Adds a bookmarks link to the content menu, so it's always next to your mouse.
Download Manager Tweak v0.6.3
Extending the download manager window to open in a new tab.
HTML Validator (Based on Tidy) v0.3.1
Instant validation, error checking and warnings on view source.
Bookmarks Synchronizer v1.0.1
Automatically manage bookmarks across systems by uploading and downloading your latest version on startup/shutdown of the browser.
SearchStatus v1.4
Adds Google Pagerank and Alexa score on to whichever toolbar suits you. Also has backward links and indexed pages on Google, MSN, and Yahoo
Blockfall v0.8
Just for fun, a nice little game of tetris while you browse.

Ah, isn't being extensible great?