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Bloglines is an online RSS aggregator which is used daily by thousands of people from all over the world. The content available on this service is astonishing. Any website which uses RSS feeds to deliver content can be added to someone's "reading list" for continuous updates on the websites latest content. As soon as the author publishes new content it appears as a new item, much like when you receive a new email, in the users subscribed list.

Now, take thousands of users interested in infinitely different topics and you've got a mind boggling variety of data available to read. The free service seems extremely easy to use; users simply register and then add as many (or as few) RSS feeds to their account as they wish. When a new item is published the subscribed feed title appears in bold, with the amount of unread items beside it. Again this is much like email - which you're probably a lot more familiar with.

Bloglines has been in the tech news limelight recently as it has just been brought by the search engine - wait, it's not Google - Ask Jeeves. In their embryonic blog they welcome Bloglines! to their services with high praise from their employees.

After one day of using Bloglines, I had to admit, Erik was so right. It quickly became a habit for me to visit - easily - 15 to 20 times a day. I was hooked. Pretty soon, we had an office full of Bloglines disciples.

At the present time I use a desktop aggregator as it easily notifies me when I've received a new news item and works well with Firefox opening a new tab when a full URL is provided. However, this restricts my access to this content to my computer. At the moment I have around fifty subscribed feeds and I'm already a little behind in a few of them. Imagine the uncontrollable mess if I was away for a week or my PC suddenly broke down (more than likely). I'd be left either spending hours or even days catching up on the information or just not bothering to read it - which would lead to possibility of missing a lot important information.

I think I've just randomly stumbled upon a nice solution for this potential disaster. I can use Bloglines and therefore allow my aggregated information to be accessible from anywhere and, via a nice windows application called Bloglines .NET Notifier, by Phil McCluskey, I can stay up to date!

If you have any suggestions about using the Bloglines service please let a newb know!