Woohoo, It Works

I had been wondering the last few days whether the first weblog content management system I wrote, this weblog you're reading now, would work in the new year. But look, the calendar shows January '05 and I test the system earlier and it seems to be working! I will check over the code and try and catch any potential problems that may arise, but this will also probably see an overhaul of the entire website, (it may be a while!).

It's 2005. This year will be the last I spend up in Bradford at university (I hope!). It'll be good to start a job, save up for a place, have a degree and have left the cold, wet and unattractive northern town. But then again I'll be leaving a lot of good times and good friends. For New Year I drove up to Bradford to go out with some university friends. Then I spent a few days in my house feeling a bit lonely and cut off as no one was back and I had an internet connection but unfortunately no computer!

Well, in other "news", I noticed something that doesn't quite "add up" on the following peperami wrapper...

Peperami wrapper, ingredients: Pork (108%)