What's this you might well ask, well let me let the official podsite site explain.

A podSite is our name for a collection of text files, with links to other text files, and possibly sound files and image files stored, and accessible on an iPod.

Think of it as a website for your iPod. Or a slice of the web, in your pocket.


One of the first things I looked for when I got my iPod Mini was cool software to enable RSS feeds to be downloaded to the notes area. Unfortunately I didn't find any good free ones. I already knew of a CSS Guide by Westciv and then I found the Web accessibility "podGuide", both of which I've installed under notes. But now comes podSites, an idea to put some of the internet onto your iPod. The site gives a lot of information on the potential of these and how to create your own podsites. There is even a nifty emulator to see what your document looks like on a iPod. I think this'll be a new bizarre feature of this site, eventually.