Please Buy Me A Sony QRIO

The Sony QRIO is the best piece of kit I've ever witnessed. It is an extremely clever humanoid robot that can walk, dance, play football and throw a ball amongst a lot of other things. It has stereoscopic vision curtosy of the two cameras in it's head, situated just like our eyes. It has some cool balance features, if you push it gently it moves back to correct it's balance, however, if you push too hard it realises it can't stop from falling so it puts out it's arms.

There are some cool videos and photos of the Sony QRIO in action. I just love the fan dance with them syncronised. I heavily recommend that you check that out and brace yourself to be impressed.

When QRIO determines that its actions will not prevent a fall, it instinctively sticks out its arms, swivels its hips, and assumes an impact position. At the same time, the control system instantaneously commands the servos in the joint actuators to relax slightly. In this way it lessens the shock of the fall, enabling it to survive unscathed.

Read about this amazing piece of machinary and technology in more depth at the official Sony QRIO website.

Now all I need is someone to buy me one…