IPod Volume Unlocker

I like loud things. When I first got my iPod mini I scrolled up the volume control to full. I was a little disappointed with the level it stopped at though it was extremely quite like on the audio limiter I had on my old minidisc player and even older portable tape player. However, I was told today that the volume limiter in European versions can be "unlocked" allowing louder playback.

goPod is a very neat little program, with a extremely attractive and easy to use interface (one button, you can't go wrong!) that modifies the iPods firmware to remove the volume limit. (Don't worry, it is reversable so you relimit the volume and there is a fix if your iPod dies from Apple.com) It worked nicely with my iPod mini, and it should also work on 3rd and 4th generation iPods. The levels on my iPod are quite loud on top whack, but it's nice to know it can go a little louder than I first thought. I'd recommend this program to anyone who's unhappy with the highest audio level on their iPod.

uncapping your iPod and using it is illegal in France.

goPod readme.txt

Luckily I don't live in France then!