Accessible Odeon Website

I heard over to the Odeon website to check some film times. I know that the main site doesn't work in Firefox so I am just about to fire up Internet Explorer until I notice three new buttons on the splash screen homepage. These are:

  • Enter
  • Film times (text based version)
  • Accessibility information

I tab open the film times (text based version) and checked out the accessibility statement. This is the first noticeable change, accessibility wise, that I've seen hit a commercial website I use.

Internet services has a new text based film times service available. The text based times can be viewed from a variety of browsers and has been designed for use with Bobby and Wave accessibility tools.

Although the text based version of the film times still uses over the top markup and still relying on tables where lists would be much more appropriate, it is a lot more usable! It's a lot quicker and much easier to use than the multiple tiered dropdown javascript menus. In their accessibility information they mention the site has been designed for the use with Bobby accessibility tools, and they achieved the highest automated pass.

All this after a farce over an accessible od*on version by Matthew Somerville which was even reported in the Times newspaper online article titled Cinema chain forces end of website that helped disabled.