House Parties

Two days, three house parties, amazing.

It's been a mad few nights. Friday we organised our own little get together, invited a few friends (we realised we didn't have many!) just to chill, drink and listen to music.

Paul and I at the start of the evening, waving to the camera

Mike singing into a lamp

By the end of the night I was slightly drunken after drinking some German punch, consisting of two bottles of red wine and three quarters of a bottle of rum, topped with cinnamon and oranges and brought to the boil!!!

This evening I went to a friend's (Scouse) house party. There were a few people there and we chilled for a little while. We then moved onto another house party full of Greeks. But it wasn't any normal house, it was my old house! I lived there two years ago & Scouse lived their last year. We even both had the same room, which is now occupied by a Greek fella who we talked to all night. I even managed to pick up a piece of mail which was addressed to me!

All in all it's been pretty cool. Now I've gotta get back to the final week of university for this year/term/semester! Then I've got nights out with old friends back at home, and to welcome in the new year...