Half Life 2 Farce

First of all there was huge controversy over the delay in the release of the most anticipated game in history. Instead of being released in September 2003, the game has only just been released, today, over a year late.

Now, to combat pirates, Valve the makers of the game have implemented a world wide release and a system of authentication via their systems. First off all I thought this was a bad idea when I first heard it, because there are people who want to play it that might not have access to the internet. People who have 56k who will have to pay extra to play the game compared to other punters.

So, everyone went out a brought Half Life 2 today, fired up the authentication program after they've installed the game, and they get the following message...

Subscription Pending

The Inquirer write about the problem stating that it could be another 3 hours until it's fixed in Europe. I pity what is going to happen in America when all the kids get home from school!